A little about me...

Well guess what…its my birthday week! I thought I would give you all a few fun facts to get to know me a little better.

I love cat eye sunglasses.

This is obviously a very important tidbit of information…but its true! It is hard for me to pass up a good pair of cat eyes when I see them. I rarely spend over 15$ on sunglasses (a fact that drives my husband crazy) and because of my frugal spending…I can grab those amazing glasses when I see them. Sometimes I think the bigger and more outrageous the better…but a classic pair is great too. And the real truth is I drop, sit on, or my children break them often, so a new pair is always welcomed.

I am a major dark chocolate lover.

I used to love any chocolate…and let be honest, still do…but dark chocolate has a real way of satisfying a craving. And when you add a little peanut butter to the mix? Forget about it! Don’t even get me started on Trader Joes PB cups! Gah!

I was a dance major in college.

I love the arts, and I think my whole life knew that I would do something artistic in college and beyond. (I certainly knew that math was not going to play a strong role in my career!) I specialized in dance education and taught junior high and high school dance for a few years after I graduated and started my own studio when I lived in Connecticut. I think that my dance training has served me very well when it comes to composition in flowers. I find parallels and connections all the time between the two art forms.

I am not great at growing or keeping my own plants alive.

Truth be told I have many fake plants around my house, because remembering to feed my children seems like a big enough task to me. My mom always had house plants growing up, and I always feel like a room is not complete without a little green life in it. (Even if that green is coming from something fake! There I said it.) And guess what? Fake plants always look good, don’t get sick, and make me happy. This year I am trying my hand at growing a few more flowers in my yard…but if it does not go well, or I don’t enjoy it, I will just leave that to my friends and professionals.

I love to DIY.

My husband and I re-finished our current home that was stuck in the 70’s when we bought it. I love looking at a room, closet, wall, storage area…and re-thinking and re-creating it to work better for our lives. I am totally a student of Youtube and am thankful that we can learn so many handy things from other people. (It helps that my husband also loves to create…and loves to buy the tools to make our jobs easier.)

I love podcasts.

I know, so does the rest of the world…but podcasts and audiobooks totally make my mundane tasks more bearable. The dishes with a podcast…not that is something to look forward to. I am a sucker for self-help and cannot get enough. Isn’t it amazing that we live in a world where people share so much information with each other for free?

These are just a few highlights of my non-flower life. The truth is, a lot of my life does not revolve around flowers, and I am thankful for that. The time and space away from flowers inspires me in new ways, and refreshes me when I come back for more.

Thanks for reading flower friend!


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