Today we are going to talk about alstroemeria. I have a new love for this flower. First off, just this week I was in Walmart doing a little grocery shopping and while I was looking at produce the fresh flower display caught my eye. There was the most beautiful bunch of white alstroemeria...that put every other flower on display to shame! (Now I know that does not take a lot when we are talking about Walmart flowers...but even at the wholesaler I would have stopped dead in my tracks!) I wish I would have taken a picture...and I have had a fair bit of remorse for not buying that bunch since then.

I used to think alstroemeria was just a cheap addition and filler to bouquets made by big box florists...but lately I have used it in a few arrangements and have loved the semi-tropical semi-traditional feel it has given the arrangements. Alstroemeria comes in many colors and color combinations. At times it can be used to blend two very different colors in a pallet. Many varieties of alstroemeria have a muddy blended color that can really help to pull the colors in a bouquet together.

Alstroemeria tends to be a very affordable flower...and who doesn't love that?! One big bunch of this flower would go a long way as a centerpiece on a table or countertop...and you really need to give "Al" (do you see how I just gave him and endearing nicname?) another chance in your flower arranging. This flower also always seems to outlast many of the other flowers in an arrangement when it comes to vase life. for the fun part...lets enjoy the beauty of this great versatile flower!

Here is a bouquet I put together recently that included alstroemeria. I loved how the long stems allowed me to bring color all the way out the edges of the arrangement.

And the close up shot...I am converted!

I hope you find a way to bring some alstroemeria into your is an accessible flower that does not get enough credit.

Thanks for reading flower friend!


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