Did you know?

Did you know that this week I am celebrating my 14th year of Marriage?

Did you know that I was overwhelmed by all of the decisions I had to make at that time?

Did you know that I wanted my wedding colors to be black and white, and I wanted my flowers to bring in all of the color?

Did you know that I let my mom and mother in law pick all of the flowers?

Did you know that both my mom’s told me I had to choose a wedding color and we landed on LIME green?

Did you know that all I really cared about was being married?

I know you might be feeling this way too.

Did you know that I would love to help you plan your big day?

Did you know that I love to make decisions about flowers?

Did you know I believe we can make something beautiful on any budget?

Did you know that I offer a free consultation to help you dream up your wedding?

Let me take some of your overwhelm and get the job done for you!

And lastly, did you know that your wedding day is going to be a great day?

Thanks for reading flower friend!


P.S. Just a little sneak peek of that wedding 14 years ago...and for the record I ended up loving my flowers done by the wonderful Millie Garrett here is Alpine, UT.

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