Dried Flower Bouquet

Have you ever considered using dried flowers for your bouquet? The dried flower trend is really coming back, and we are here for it! I love to use dried elements in many of the bouquets I make because the dried elements add texture and interest to the bouquet. This bouquet we made for our couple in the salt flats was completely made of dried materials and we love the way that it turned out!

What are the pros to using dried flowers? Allow us to explain!


The first and most obvious reason is that once flowers are dried they stay looking the same. With fresh flowers there is the worry that flowers wilt and die, lose their shape, or need to be kept in water. These concerns are a non issue! Sometimes on out hottest shoots (like here in the desert) we have to keep hydrating our flowers to make sure they are happy and healthy. The dried flowers really take the stress out of caring for your flowers. Another pro is that you can use your dried bouquet as a decoration for your home for months and years after it is used for your wedding.


As much as we try to distribute the weight evenly in our bouquets and use mechanics to cut down on the bulk and weight of flowers, they are still sometimes quite heavy…especially after a whole day of holding them. Dried flowers are very light weight and are a cinch to carry around all day.


We help brides with any of their flower needs, and often that means that they would like two bridal bouquets. One for their bridal photos, and one for the day of their wedding. (Or more than that if they have two reception locations.) With dried flowers brides need to only purchase their flowers once, because they will last and stay looking great for both dates they are needed.


Lastly, dried bouquets are a little non-traditional but we think they really pack a punch when it comes to style. Just like fresh flowers, each dried flower has its own personality and characteristics that make your piece one of a kind.

Have you ever considered using dried flowers for your wedding? If so, please contact us and we would love to help these dreams become a reality!

Thanks for reading flower friends!


Photography: @destinationanywherephotography Emily @emilywrdd & Walker Hat: @GigiPip Floral Design: @the.block.florist Menswear: @calvinklein

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