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Updated: May 28, 2020

This week I am feeling all of the fall vibes...and I want my table to show that as well. I have been thinking about how I would create a pumpkin patch on my table. This centerpiece would be great for halloween and thanksgiving...and most of this hearty foliage could last an entire week on your table with the water that it is placed in. Another fun thing about this piece is that you could make it more cost effective by shopping your own yard. In fall many of my bushes and trees are changing colors, and this would be a great way to enjoy that color indoors. Lastly, this design is foam free, and was inspired by a post I saw on instagram @nofloralfoam by @littlefarmhouseflowers. I love when designers share their behind the scenes mechanics...especially when there is no floral foam being used. Here is a little step-by-step outline of how I created this fall centerpiece.


Collect your supplies and create your base structure.


2 - 9x13" disposable trays. I do wish that I could have found something a little more shallow...but this is what I had on hand for the day.

1 Piece of plywood the length and width of your containers.(it will not hurt if this is slightly smaller or larger than your trays...as long as it gives support and stability.

Chicken Wire (Enough to wrap your trays and plywood, plus a little more for inside the trays.)

Staple Gun

I started by stapling one edge of the chicken wire to the back of my plywood board.

Then I placed the trays on the top side of the board, and wrapped the chicken wire over them to hold them in place. (I wish I would have added chicken wire inside the trays. it would have allowed for easer placement and stability...but live and learn people. Add your chicken wire inside before wrapping.) Then I stapled the other side of the chicken wire to the back of the plywood.

Now you have this neat little package ready for decorating. The thing I love about this mechanic is that you could make the plywood as long as you would like...and continue adding trays. This would be stunning on a long buffet table and would allow for transport and easy set up. This is a very small scale version of what could be really grand!

Add water to your trays once they are in place on your table. (Water could also be added after transport.)

STEP 2: Start Creating

Green in your trays. I started with gravillea and agonis. Mostly I wanted droopy foliage that would help cover the water containers and create more structure. I also like to start with foliage of differing colors for visual interest. Because this is a table centerpiece...I also did not want it getting too tall, so that you could still see the person sitting across from you.

Then I started adding in foliage from my own backyard. I think I have identified the green leafed plant to be coprosma repens. It added a little height, and whimsy. Then I added some pyracantha (orange berries) that I found hanging over the fence at a local park. And finally I added some concord grape vine. This definitely gave me the pumpkin patch feel more than anything. (Don't you love how the leaves have been nibbled on by little bugs? The perfect detail!)

It is looking a little wild and overgrown...but that seems about right for a pumpkin patch to me.

STEP 3: Add seasonal accents

I started by placing pumpkins, decorative gourds, and adding a little yellow blossoming sage brush. Some of the pumpkins I placed right on top of the wire covered trays.

For a little more color I added a few orange mums, red spray roses and a few stalks of wheat. These were just a few flowers I had left over from an event, but even the local grocery store has a great assortment of fall colors at this time of year. Don't underestimate the weeds that you see on the side of the road. This dried wheat adds texture and color to an otherwise living green arrangement.

STEP 4: Cover your container

I could still see a little bit of the silver trays shining through the arrangement. These shiny bits showing distract from the organic feel.

To cover these up, I used dried sheet moss pieces tucked and placed on top/on the sides of the tray. It took a little maneuvering, but it looked so much more earthy and finished with the moss.

Overall, a very fun and colorful arrangement for your fall table. And this is a pumpkin patch that I would like to visit. Here are a few close ups. I love that each guest will have something different and interesting to look at.

Don't you just love fall?!

Now, If this all seems a little too much, and you just want a centerpiece that will last a few hours for a dinner...here is a much simpler version of the same idea.

Lay your greens on the table. I always try to tuck in and hide the cut end of the stems.

I still wanted the pop of color from the orange berries, and the pumpkin patch feel from the grape vine.

Then place your pumpkins and gourds around your greenery.

This would also feel very special with a few candlesticks of different heights mixed in. Again, this would only last a day tops without the water, but it is still a lovely centerpiece for a gathering.

Happy Fall Y'all! So glad that we can be flower friends!


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