Updated: May 28, 2020

Garlands are a beautiful way to decorate banquet tables, head tables, and even serving tables at your wedding. They are great at bringing life to a room and adding a sense of cohesion from your main focal flowers to the table. Garlands can be more cost effective than centerpieces, and they span the whole length of the table to give everyone at your party something beautiful to look at. Garlands can be made of one kind of greenery, or a mix of many kinds. They may have a sporadic flower here and there, or may be stuffed full of flowers the length of the table. You can customize a garland with any kind of greenery and flowers that you want. I have seen traditional to tropical, monochromatic to a whole rainbow of colors. I hope you get inspired by these beautiful garlands.

Here are a few or our own garlands for inspiration:

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