Green Bouquets

Okay friends, in light of all that is going on with the Coronavirus, let me just say that it feels very trivial to be writing about flowers, and weddings, and things that are excessive and over the top. There are real needs in the world right now. We need a cure, we need people to be healed, we need the spreading to stop. Social distancing was not even a thing two weeks ago! My children are home from public school for who knows how long…and things like weddings and events with large groups of people are non-existent right now.

We also need normalcy. We need something that feels like our lives before all of this. We need something to focus on, and work toward and dream about…and that is why I will keep writing this blog through all of it. I don’t mean to be dramatic. My life is not so different than it was a week ago. But I know there are people suffering. And I know in the suffering it can feel like, “How can anyone in this world move on like nothing has happened to me?” My posts may be shorter while I am full time mom/home school teacher/florist, but I am going to show up and keep talking about some of the beautiful things people in this world and this world itself creates. There is so much good and beauty around us. So here we go.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! In honor of this great green holiday and all of the talking we have been doing about greens, today we are going to focus on all green bouquets.

This trend has been very “in” the past few years. Many weddings have been heavy on greens, and all green wedding bouquets have become quite popular. Not only do these bouquets make a big statement, they can often be more friendly on the pocketbook. Double win!

I think there are three things to keep in mind when choosing your greens.

1. Texture

All green bouquets can create texture with different leaf shapes, seeds and pods, and even variegated leaves. All of these things give a bouquet texture and interest. They keep your eye moving around the bouquet and keep an all green bouquet from looking boring.

2. A Focal Point

Green bouquets need to have a place where the eye can rest. This can be made possible by grouping like greens, using a focal green (succulents work great for this…as they are basically a green flower, or by using a feature showstopper green front and center.

3. Shape

Green bouquets still need to have shape, and sometimes traditional shapes like a clutch or a cascade help these greens to appear more polished. Often when the shape of a bouquet is strong, I do not even miss the flowers. Adding shape to a green bouquet makes it feel purposeful and not just thrown together.

Here are a few examples of all green bouquets that do a great job of fitting the above criteria:

Hope you have enjoyed a full month of looking at greens in a whole new light. I am just starting to see the plants in my yard start to green up, and they are giving me new life moving into spring.

Praying that you all stay well mentally, emotionally, and physically. May the green spring bring healing and hope to all of us! Thanks for reading flower friend!


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