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Updated: May 28, 2020

Week two of social distancing and home isolation…this calls for the big guns. Today we will be sharing the LLAMAS!! Who doesn’t love a flower wearing, maid of honor and best man llama? It was just too good.

When we have shared these images on our Instagram feed, they always get a lot of love, so we thought we would give you a whole gallery to look at and enjoy. It makes me think that we need to do some more animal wearable pieces. Anybody in? I am!!

When making these llama neck wreaths I decided to just go for it with the bright colors. I wanted to bring that traditional wool blanket feel and had to add Billy balls to the mix as our pom poms. Can we just take a second here to talk about carnations? I think they get such a bad press. True, you do see them dyed unnatural looking colors at the grocery store, and the 80s did not serve them well. But you guys, they are making a major comeback…and there are many varieties, styles, and techniques that make them look very high end. Give them a chance. Okay…rant over. These beautiful cream sickle orange carnations were just too good to pass up when I saw them. With a mixture of greens, some purple mums and a few other goodies, this wreath was a much-needed pop of color.

This was also a first as I have never had to ask for the neck measurements of a llama. I did make these adjustable with ribbons tied at the back of the neck so that we could make them fit comfortably and lay correctly when worn. I also created a base for the wreath out of felt, and wired and glued the flowers to that, another addition that made them comfortable for the animals. I love to try a new challenge like this, and I love when clients want to try something out of the box.

So, what animal is invited to your wedding, and how can we dress them up with flowers? Seriously though…I want to help.

Thanks for reading flower friend! Hope your days of isolation are productive and rejuvenating.


Flowers: @the.block.florist or www.theblockflorist.com

Photography: @briellisphotography or https://www.briellisphotography.com/

Dress: @sabrina_rentals @bhldn

Model: @sabsblabs

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