Love Wins

At this historic and strange time it is easy to get swept away in the mess of news, statistics and doom and gloom that surround us. But, working in the wedding industry has never been so sweet. I have had a front row seat to plans being turned upside down, venues closing, dates changing…and through it all, people loving each other and committing to a long and happy life together…even in all the crazy. You know what that shows me? LOVE WINS!

LOVE WINS when two people chose their closest family and friends to be with them when they give their lives to each other.

LOVE WINS when you don’t throw a party for anyone else but yourself.

LOVE WINS when a honeymoon is just as exciting at your new apartment as an exotic island.

LOVE WINS when you get married for time and look forward to eternity.

LOVE WINS when we watch from a distance and care like we were right there.

LOVE WINS when get rid of all of the unnecessary and focus on what is important.

LOVE WINS when the world is in chaos, but humans rise above all of it.

Thanks for reading flower friend!


P.S. Don’t you just love this picture from one of my darling couples that got married during quarantine? Historic times make for great pictures!

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