Summer Night Bridals

Sometimes when I am designing a bouquet, I would rather have inspiration that does not directly relate to flowers. I do not want to recreate something that has been made by someone else. For these bridals I was inspired by the following color palette:

I love the warm summer tones paired with the dark, cool greens. The contrast brings out the richness of each color. I have many brides that are looking for these warm tones, but they don’t often think of pairing them with the dark greens.

The shape of this bouquet was meant to convey movement and ease. I also used branches to juxtapose that movement with rigidity. I love how the styling of a lace dress with a leather jacket mirrors the hard and soft aesthetic.

Do you have a color palette for your wedding? Have you thought of presenting this palette to your florist and letting them make some flower choices for you? This approach will create a look that is all your own, and not someone else’s wedding inspiration re-created for you.

Photography: @brooksandpine

Bride: @annalarson10

Dress: @saldanavintage

Styling: @brooksandpine


Thanks for reading flower friend. Hope you get inspired to try something new!


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