Wedding Arches

The arch is a very traditional wedding backdrop, and rightfully so. The symbolism of two sides or parts meeting in the middle to make one whole is a beautiful metaphor for marriage.

Today we are going to look at some different types of arches that you could consider as a backdrop for you wedding.


The traditional arch is just what you picture when you say the word arch. It is usually a half moon shape at the top, with two straight sides coming down to meet the floor. An arch can also be square at the corners (I think of this more as an arbor). Each version of the traditional arch can be decorated with greenery, flowers, branches, and dried material to create a lush backdrop for your wedding.

Many times with traditional arches there is a structure (like a metal of wooden arch) in place that creates the canvas for flowers and greenery, but arches can also be created by florists using welded metal, chicken wire, and other materials to create a skeleton that is completely covered with the natural materials.


Lately I have seen many of these broken arches, and I think they create a lot of organic movement and flow to a ceremony or wedding backdrop. They are asymmetrical with one side taller and more substantial than the other. Often times branches, flowers and cascading vines reach across the negative space and encourage your eye to connect the dots between where the arch is “broken”. I think this reaching affect is what is so stunning about a broken arch.

A half arch, or sometimes a crescent shape makes you feel like the bride and groom can be nestled under the protection of the arch. This arch creates more of a nest or place to land and is great at drawing the eye in a large reception hall to the focal point of the wedding…the bride and groom. The half arch is tricky to create without the proper structure and weight counterbalance as it appears to be defying gravity. Experienced florists should be able to create this sunning look, but it may require more setup time and more costs in hard goods and building materials.

Both the broken arch and the half arch can be created as stand-alone pieces or can be attached to a traditional arbor or arch structure.


A floating arch is a fun way to bring attention to the backdrop, and usually creates an asymmetrical look that brings the eye upward, because it is attached to the ceiling rather than the floor. The trickiest part of this arch is making sure you are in a space that allows you to hang things from the ceiling. The affect is so magical and powerful. This would be a great option for a ceremony space that needs more definition, and it creates a focal point that can be dramatic or minimal.

Floating arches are often decorated with cascading greens and flowers. I love the way that many of them feel like there is an imaginary structure that all of the organic matter has grown up and over.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the different kinds of arches you can incorporate into your wedding. There are many options…and the best one is the version you dream up yourself! Thanks for reading flower friend!


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