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Updated: May 28, 2020

Here is another round up of ideas for flowers for your wedding. Today we are looking at possibilities for wedding cake flowers. Your cake is a great place to reiterate your wedding design choices, bring out your wedding colors, and add another great focal point to your wedding day. You need to plan ahead and prepare for what kind of flowers and greenery you would like on your cake. Your wedding cake is an iconic part of your big day.

You do not have to break the bank with your wedding cake flowers, but you should talk to your flower professional beforehand and plan this part of your day. Do not assume that there will just be leftover flowers that can be thrown on your cake.

Here are two great examples of simple and elegant cake flower designs. One or two beautiful blossoms with some simple greenery can be all that a cake needs to add life and movement.

Succulents are taking the wedding scene by storm, and this succulent cake feels modern and fresh.

This classy cake has just one single stem of orchids draped from top to bottom, I love how simple and fresh this feels.

These flowers are more abundant and climb up each tier of the cake. I love the way the draped veronica changes these classic roses from feeling traditional to al little more bohemian.

This monochromatic cake is covered with only white flowers. These flowers may be sugar flowers, but you could create the same effect with white, bleached, or dried flowers.

This cake is decorated with what we consider a “filler flower.” This delicate white wax flower and willow eucalyptus brings a little be of life and extra detail to this cake.

This decadent cake combines both the edible and inedible. Fresh fruit and flowers are so lovely paired together. I can just imagine this same motif carried to centerpieces as well.

This cake is definitely more traditional in approach with each tier of the cake topped with a mound of greenery and flowers. This same effect can be achieved when all of the tiers are stacked and just the top layer has a mound of flowers.

This cake has a continuous drape of flowers flowing from top to bottom. Note that this cake just has a touch of greenery here and there, and the flowers are the focal point, but are on the smaller side.

This cake celebrates the flowers front and center with a spray of flowers as the centerpiece.

These flowers bring in many of the wedding colors and are placed on each tier on the opposite side of the cake as the tier before it. The greenery in this cake feels like it is growing up and down the cake to add movement.

Another simple but very classic design with flowers on opposite sides of the cake to add balance.

This cake is definitely a wild flower/freshly picked feel. These tiny asters are used to bring this simple cake to life. There is a lot going on here, but for the right wedding, it could work.

Just adding a little greenery to your cake can bring life and freshness to your cake. (And is also very budget friendly.)

This southwest design uses just fresh cacti on the top and the southwest ribbon around the tiers to really express the style of the wedding.

Here are a few of our most resent flower designs on cakes. On this first cake we used a mixture of fresh and dried flowers to this asymmetrical design.

And this simple and classy design is seeded eucalyptus circling each tier of the wedding cake.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas and hope that you get inspired. Remember that your cake is a great place to reiterate your wedding design choices, bring out your wedding colors, and add another great focal point to your wedding day.

Thanks for reading flower friend!


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