Welcome Tables

This is the first thing that your guests see when they walk into your ceremony space or reception. Your welcome table can really set the tone for your wedding. This table gives people an anchor as they approach your event, and also gives them information like seating, Instagram hashtags, and where to head next at your event. Welcome tables can be a big statement or a pass-through space, but either way, they should inform your guests on the style of your wedding, and we personally think that flowers always belong here! We hope these ideas get you thinking about how you want to welcome your guests to your big day!

This welcome table is a collage of pictures of the bride and groom with the guestbook and a medium sized flower arrangement. This is a very typical welcome table, but you can see that this day is all about the bride and groom. I also love the rustic barrel legged table they chose that also helps guests understand the style of the event.

This welcome table is a little more streamlined with a larger flower arrangement and one picture of the bride and groom. This table keeps things clean and simple and has clear instructions on their hashtag.

This understated and elegant welcome table has a small arrangement and a sign in book. Notice how even this time arrangement helps set the tone for what guests will be seeing more of.

We love this sign that welcomes you to the farm with some rustic charm. The cost of greenery and pampas grass on this table would be very affordable, and they made it more interesting by doing a few vases with these materials. We also love the polaroid camera for guests to use to help them “sign in.”

This welcome table is elegant with just a little touch of greenery, but we love the way the glass and candles make this table have a big impact.

This welcome table stands out because of the different sized vases and flower arrangements. Because this is an outdoor space, the flowers anchor the table as an important place to visit, before the guests wander about the lawn.

Here we have another efficient table that gives guests clear instructions.

Again this minimal design of greenery and a guestbook and clean and clear, while being elegant.

This welcome table is differentiated with a colored floor length linen. The large flower arrangements also helps add presence to the table, and I love the little welcome sign letting guests know they are in the right place.

This welcome table sets itself apart with a beautiful floral garland and large welcome sign.

I love the way this rustic farm wedding has flowers and greenery hanging from the ceiling to catch the eye. I think this could be a very fun way to set your welcome table apart, and create a big impact. Here it is done very minimally, but you could also pump up the volume on the idea with more flowers and more greenery for an even bigger wow moment.

Here we see beautiful flower arrangements pf different sizes framing a personal message from the bride and groom. The flowers on this table really add the pops for color that this otherwise too simple table needs.

I love this bold statement with succulents in the initials of the bride and groom. This is so fun and different than your standard arrangement and adds so much personality to this welcome table.

Here we see the fun initials on this table with a tall trumpet vase of gorgeous flowers. This is a large welcome statement and really gives me a high end feel for the wedding to come.

Well there you have it. Just a few fun ideas we collected, and we hope they get you inspired! Thanks for reading flower friend!


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