What you should know about your flower inspiration photos

Updated: May 28, 2020

Inspiration photos for your wedding may be something you have been collecting on a Pinterest board since you were in junior high school. Maybe it just dawned on you that you might need to get some ideas for your wedding and so you have been pinning whatever catches your eye. Looking at inspiration photos is a great exercise for brides-to-be because it starts to help you know what you like, and what you don't.

When looking at inspiration photos there are a few things that you should know before your floral consultation.

1. Inspiration photos are great at setting the vision for the flowers for your wedding. They start to help your florist know the style and type of flowers that you are looking for. A florist is looking at all of the elements in the photo...the types of flowers and greens, the shape of the bouquet, the stem length, the movement, the color story...and the list goes on and on. If you can't describe your aesthetic...well you know the old saying "a picture says a thousand words."

These photos below are all images that came up when I typed "wildflower bouquet" into Pinterest. They would each start to tell a story about a different kind of wedding, and yet they are all labeled as the same thing. This is why showing your florist a picture can really help you be on the same page.

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While inspiration photos can help set the vision, they are just that...INSPIRATION. You should not expect your flowers to look exactly like the photo. All flowers are different, and it is impossible for even one florist to create two of the exact same bouquet. These pictures should be a creative jumping off point. Every florist I know would rather have some inspiration and then the creative freedom to move forward in that same direction. Not to mention that one flower artist does not want to copy and paste the work of another.

2. Inspiration photos are great at giving brides exposure to new flowers that they may have never seen before. Don't be intimidated to ask your florist what a flower is, and if they can put it in your bouquet. Your flower professional should know this information, and if they don't, they have the resources to find out. So many people are only exposed to the flowers that they see at the grocery store...but there are so many more great options out there.

While the exposure to new flowers is wonderful...pictures are not always what they seem. I have had brides bring pictures of flowers that are silk or faux flowers in interesting colors. Unfortunately mother nature just does not create them that way. Photos can also be filtered in a way that makes the flowers look a certain shade or color that is not available at the wholesaler. Even week to week at the wholesaler the same flower can have a slightly different hue.

As great as all of the flower inspiration is, flowers are seasonal. There are certain flowers and colors that are only available during certain times of year. The flowers that look the best are the ones that are in season. Be open to letting your florist choose from the best looking flowers for your event that are in season at that time.

3. Inspiration photos are also great at helping you find the color pallet for your wedding. These pictures do not have to be flower pictures either. I often search color pallets like these to get inspiration for a new and fresh color idea.

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Maybe you had never thought about pairing one color with another, or never thought a monochromatic theme would excite you. Inspiration pictures can change all of that.

4. Budgets are not listed on inspiration pictures. I know this is obvious. As a florist I would love to give my clients the size and scale of their inspiration photos, but to keep their budgets in check that is sometimes not possible. One thing to consider when budgets are an issue, is to decide where you want to make a big impact with flowers. Is it a backdrop or bouquet? Let there be one main showstopper, and keep the rest simple and elegant. If you are not willing to budge on the scale of your event, maybe your florist can help you find less expensive flowers to carry out the vision.

I hope these tips will be helpful as you keep pinning away in preparation for your wedding!

Thanks for reading flower friend!


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