Wild and Wispy

Let’s talk about a large and abundant bouquet. Okay? This was one of those fun projects where I just kept adding flowers and colors to create a big, bold, and elegant bouquet.

The Italian ruscus in this bouquet helped to create the cascading effect, and then long wispy stems of scabbiosa and tulips created a light and airy feel.

I also added just a few of my favorite protea. They always add texture, visual interest, and a little exotic touch.

While this is not a traditional wired cascading bouquet, it is a modern take on the concept that gives it more life, and in my opinion more beauty to appreciate the flowers as they grow.

Pair all of this wild and wispy plant life with the weighted majesty of the red rock and I am done for. What a wonderful and amazing world we live and create in!

Here are some of the talented people who helped make this shoot possible:

Photography: @brooksandpine

Model: @missfitdixie

Dress: @janay.marie

Flowers: @the.block.florist

Thanks for reading flower friend!


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